Digital marketing trends in 2021

There is no guaranteed way to know for sure which method or digital marketing strategy will connect most with the consumers, now that the demands of the audience change with each passing day – just when us marketers believe we have an audience figured out, some behavior change alters everything.

That being said, it is still imperative to reflect upon the strategies that have yielded successful results and delivered to the audience exactly what they wanted. For this purpose, we at Finyki Digital Marketing Agency have compiled five digital marketing trends of 2021 that we believe have the maximum effect on customer reception.

1. Narrowing the Marketing Funnel

With more effective ways of targeting audience with hashtags or demographics based on interest, age and gender, reaching out to people via social media marketing who are more likely to be interested has become a successful strategy for your brand growth. It is not only more cost-efficient; it’s also more sustainable and less time-consuming. Consumers do not want businesses to gloss over them; they seek legitimate trust and genuine relationships.

2. Quality Content

The goal is not to simply put content in front of people and hope they respond to it, but rather to encourage them to share and engage with it. Content — whether it’s an article on an outlet or a video on social media — opens the door for two-way communication, which is crucial for building trust (an important metric in search engine optimization SEO) and letting customers know that you appreciate their business.

3. The era of AI

One of the biggest trends of our time is the growing prominence of Artificial Intelligence. Not only does it analyse data more efficiently, but it can target leads and spot trends faster and better than any human. From Netflix recommendation to targeted ads on Instagram, AI helps get the right product to the right audience. By monitoring patterns and recognizing them individually for each consumer, AI is a powerhouse tool in the arsenal for all marketing agencies.

4. Rise and Shine, Gen Z

As difficult as it is for us millennials to accept, but Gen Z is getting older, which means they are beginning to enter the workforce and possess buying power. You’ll remember how the previous generation completely failed to understand us when we entered the economy (lets ignore the fact that we are all broke and don’t exactly have a will to live for just one moment), we need to understand the requirements of the current second youngest generation of the world. They’re tech savvy, efficient and growing up in a world with struggling economy. They are likely to turn to socially responsible businesses. Intermingled with TikTok and Fortnite, they are a generation willing and ready to make the world a better place.

5. Influencing Influencers

Influencer marketing is also a classic social media strategy, but who influencers are is beginning to change. Companies previously relied on celebrities to convince people that products are worth buying, but consumers are now leaning toward their peers. Potential customers are more likely to be convinced into trying out your product if it is endorsed by “real” people, or micro-influencers – who are relatable, humble, and trusted content producers who are not as unreachable as celebrities. It is important to adjust the influencer marketing strategy according to who the best is most likely to respond to.

Finyki recognizes that many businesses can benefit from working with a group of experienced marketers. We know how to market for established businesses, and we know it well. We take a client-first approach and create a fully custom marketing strategy based on your current and long-term goals.

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