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Whether targeting a consumer via email marketing, social media marketing, or programmatic ads, the underlying goal for any marketer remains the same – to encourage each person to buy their products or services.

However, in a world dictated by online noise, how can marketers achieve the critical cut-through it takes to keep individuals motivated enough to engage with their online channels and continuously purchase from their organization? Our experts at Finyki Digital Marketing Agency have broken down the process into an easy guide to aid fellow entrepreneurs and media marketers.

According to research, it takes on average six commercial touches before a brand’s message convinces a customer to convert. Therefore, it’s not an overnight process – or often realistic – to think a sale can be completed from the very first introduction of the product.

Marketing departments must come fully equipped with a ‘foolproof’ execution strategy – one which
includes detailed phases nurturing an individual throughout a unique journey, from the first piece of
personalized or targeted content all the way to a final transaction.

And that means utilizing technologically advanced tools to deliver high-quality, tailored adverts that are sent at the times when a target is most engaged, and which reflect their individual online buying habits. But it’s not easy – it takes a persistent, sophisticated and immersive approach.

However, modern-day marketers know that they have also never had so many opportunities to generate leads and loyalty, so must act swiftly to meet a customer’s evolving needs.

For those professionals still struggling with delivering a commercially strong nurture sequence, the following are some effective steps to help cultivate a deeper online connection for customers so they begin to trust a brand and buy into the organization’s offering.

Starting the online journey via Email Marketing

A great place to begin is by utilizing automation to effectively launch a strong, targeted email campaign
that triggers a customer interaction. Here are six core components a marketer must abide by, in order to achieve this:

1. Introduce the concept of why they’re getting in touch and how the company can help

2. Next, deliver the social proof as to why the organization can assist the individual

3. Thirdly, highlight the gains a person can receive if they were to convert

4. Then instill the ‘why’ through fear of missing out on the transaction

5. The fifth email must always focus on the logic behind why a person should buy

6. And finally, a message of urgency should advise contacts that it’s important to act now

By nailing this kind of sophisticated, personalized nurture sequence or drip campaign, marketers are able to translate exactly how they can offer support – and hold a person’s hand throughout the rest of the journey if they still need convincing.

How to measure digital marketing success via Lead Score

But how can organizations understand how each phase has landed with a customer? Through the data in which automated systems can supply. It’s this level of information that can help savvy marketing professionals truly begin to understand what is, or isn’t, working for the people they’re targeting.

By adopting this approach, marketing departments are able to place a numeric value – or score – for each person reflecting their level of engagement in the comms they’ve received to date. So, if they’re a loyal advocate of a brand, for example, they might have a lead score of 80/100.

Whereas someone cold might only be a 1 or 2. All of this intelligence can gift marketers with the ideal window of opportunity to act, or the knowledge of when more ‘hand holding’ needs to take place.

By now, brands should be building up an intricate picture for each one of their customers on a mass
automated scale, yet with a humanized, targeted approach – it doesn’t stop there.

Maintaining the online journey

Savvy marketers will rely upon different digital touchpoints (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook & Instagram Ads), not just email – and this is what can make them truly stand out from competitors.

Providing additional support through further valuable comms such as the creation of a landing page and having gated content to download are great examples of going above what a customer might expect from their individual journey.

Having an extra layer of tailored comms not only helps to maintain online engagement but also reinforces what’s already been said via email or SMS and can keep consumers on track, controlling the journey towards that all-important completion.

Fine touches during a sequence of targeted comms underline how an organization is able to provide a
supportive, rounded experience which can be vital towards building trust and loyalty.

With such critical data and tools now firmly at a marketer’s fingertips, having the ability to know exactly which webpage or piece of comms a user has ever looked at can prove to be pivotal in sustaining a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. Efficient and long-lasting marketing is about providing customers with the comms they want to read rather than a brand pushing merely what they would like them to consume.

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